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Bungee Brake Kit


Bungee Brake Kit

$115.00 CAD


All you need for the safest bungee brake 

  • 15' or 30' length 1/2" bungee cord
  • Attachment Hardware 
  • Zipline Brake Rubber Catcher

The heavy duty 1/2" bungee is intended to be stretched up to 175% of its orginal length. For example a 20' length of cord can safely be stretched up to 35'. Stretching the bungee more than 175% of its original length will greatly reduce its useful life and increase the possibility for bungee failure. 


  • Why do you need a brake?.  Ask us why
  • You may want to consider using your zipline with a harness.  What factors should you consider to use a harness.  Ask a zipline expert

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