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Mach III


Mach III

$650.00 CAD

The Mach 3 is designed to give you speed but more importantly, to give you control over it.

Thanks to it's integrated Eddy current magnetic brake, you can lower the landing speed by up to 30%.

It can be equipped with the magnetic brake to slow the ride on steep slopes or be pushed to the limit with the standard 3 wheels set-up.





  • Polyurethane wheels reduce dramatically cable wear
  • Double sealed ball bearings for stability
  • Durable design for high impact brakes
  • Back and front anchor point for horizontal flights
  • Compatible with Headrush Zip-Stop's catching device
  • Center anchor point for sport harness
  • Custom built for 3/8" (9mm) to 1" (26mm) cables 
  • 8" H x 17.5" L x 2-3/4" W

*Full magnetic version has 2 wheels only - Shipping not included - Custom Shipping at extra cost

    Fabrication Time : 30-45 Days - Minimum Purchase of 10 units

    You have any question about this trolley or anything else concerning ziplines?  Ask a zipline expert

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