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$7,300.00 CAD

All variations of zipSTOP use a self-regulating magnetic braking system to brake zip line participants smoothly and comfortably. It brakes participants consistently, even at high velocities. The result is a better customer experience and higher throughput and profitability for your zip line or canopy tour.

Key Benefits:

•Eddy current magnetic braking technology for smooth and consistent braking creating a better rider experience
•Wide range of rider weights and speeds providing operators with a better ROI through a greater range of potential participants
•Controlled braking distance
•Operates in all weather conditions, eliminating downtime

•Low operational and maintenance costs


The zipSTOP IR is more streamlined version of our popular zip line brake. The “IR” stands for internal reduction, meaning that the device does not require an external reduction line system. This device can accommodate speeds to 37 mph (60 kph) without the need for a reduction line system, making installation easier.

ZipSTOP Speed

The best brake for your zip line, zipSTOP SPEED Zip Line Brake uses self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking technology to brake zip line riders smoothly, comfortably, and consistently at high arrival speeds.

The zipSTOP SPEED is best suited for faster rider arrival speeds up to 72 kph (45 mph).


Every ZipStop kits include:

  • zipSTOP brake device
  • 3/8" Brake trolley (+ $150 for other sizes)
  • Mounting bracket


To ensure compliance with safety standards and maintain your warranty, zipSTOP Brake Unit must undergo an annual recertification by the manufacturer. The cost for recertification is $399 plus non-warranty parts replacement including webbing, nozzles and side covers.


This item usually ship within 7-14 days. Please call to inquire about specific delivery times.


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