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ZR/1 Kit 100' with Brake


ZR/1 Kit 100' with Brake

$322.12 CAD $446.12 CAD

The ZR/1 Zip-Line Kits series are the highest quality kit on the north american market and are the most fun for the whole family with a possible length of up to 300 meters. This Zip-Line Kit come with the best quality products we have tested.

ZR/1 Kit 100' with Brake Includes:

1 Zipline Installation Manual
1 ZR/1 Trolley w/o Bar
1 Zip Line Disk Seat with rope
1 Petzl Carabiner
1 Trolley Brake Block
1 15' Bungee Kit
1 5/16" Cable 7x19 GAC X 100'
1 Tree Wrap Cable 5/16" X 6'
1 Turnbuckle 5/8"X 12"
4 5/16" Forged Wire Clip

Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days 

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