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About Zip-Rush

Zip-Rush Int'l., headquartered in Quebec, Canada, applies design, engineering, and construction expertise to creating zip-line systems for entertainment adventure venues around the world. Zip-Rush, founded by entrepreneur Stefan Bernier in 2002, has grown to become a worldwide presence in its niche market, and has had installations in Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nepal, Ukraine and other developing countries, as well as in the United States and Canada. Zip-Rush has built on these experiences to become resourceful, creative, and adept in working within regions with more limited infrastructure than that normally found in the developed world. This resounding success is a result of Stephan’s dynamic approach to extreme zipline design and his eagerness to adopt new technologies that enhance zipline safety and improve the customer experience.
What distinguishes Zip-Rush from other companies is the personal attention Stefan gives to everybody contacting him; in other words, you are dealing with the owner at every stage of the design, installation and training process.  Also, Zip-Rush's privileged experience with International design and installations has thought us to be organized and, especially, flexible. Similarly, this ability to adapt to local realities is extremely important and is the greatest asset when it comes to working in developed countries.

OUR MISSION: We are determine to revolutionize the economics of the zip line industry by providing safe, affordable zipline systems under challenging circumstances.

OUR COMMITMENT: Our advanced technologies, extensive training programs and operational expertise will help guarantee the success of your project. When you buy with Zip-Rush, you buy peace of mind.

Safety is not just an abstract concept for us.  It is of paramount importance during every step of design and within all aspects of operation.  All our zipline systems are designed to meet and exceed US and Canadian safety and engineering standards to ensure that our clients are provided with the safest installation possible. From the very first line we installed and over the years, we have been implementingPRCA and ACCT and Canadian CSA Ropeways Standards. We have since then forged our very own standards by testing materials, developed partnerships with more efficient suppliers and inventing new extraordinary technologies.  When you buy with Zip-Rush, you buy peace of mind.
Zipline CSA Standards