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Quick Jump

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Quick Jump

$4,700.00 CAD

The quickJump Free Fall Device provides an exciting element with high throughput and low operational costs to operators of amusement parks, family entertainment centers, adventure parks, shopping centers, resorts, ropes courses and more.
The quickJump gives the rider the feeling of a free fall, while comfortably controlling their descent.
The quickJump is modular and compact, allowing it to be installed in almost any high location. There are endless possibilities for including a quickJump Free Fall attraction in your facility. Because of the ease of installation, you can keep your attraction fresh by moving the quickJump or modifying the attraction as needed.
•Consistently fun descent: The self-regulating braking system has minimal variation in the descent rate of a child (at 35 lb/16 kg min.) and an adult (at 285 lb/130 kg max).
•Simple to install and easy to relocate: Compact modular unit designed to be hung from a top anchor. The quickJump can be moved easily to various locations. The only limitation is your imagination. 
•High throughput at a low cost: The quickJump is a great revenue-generating attraction. The quickJump retracts quickly and smoothly, allowing for more throughput than other free fall devices. 
•Reliability with no sacrificial wear parts: Non-contacting magnetic technology with areliable self-regulating backup system.
•Easy to maintain: Other than regular self-inspection, the quickJump only requires an affordable annual recertification. Webbing is durable and field replaceable. 


This item usually ship within 7-14 days. Please call to inquire about specific delivery times.


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