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Trolley Brake Block - Kit


Trolley Brake Block - Kit

$89.00 CAD

This Trolley Brake Block has been redesigned and now includes two eye bolts installed in the block. One should be rigged to take the impact from the rider. The second should be connected to the first with a slack tether for redundancy. This brake block is carved from dense Appalachian hardwood and sealed with an environmentally safe preservative. The striking surface is noted for exceptional wear resistance due to its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material. This Trolley Brake Block mounts around rope or cable and attaches to a static point with a bungee cord (not included). 

Bungee option comes with 2 quick links and 1 eye screw


Zip-Gear likes to do things differently, not to say better. So we want to guide you through the whole process of installing your zipline kit.  We tailor all our Zipline Kits to fit your specific needs. 

  • Why do you need a brake?.  Ask us why
  • You may want to consider using your zipline with a harness.  What factors should you consider to use a harness.  Ask a zipline expert

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