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7x19 Zipline Cable


7x19 Zipline Cable

$0.89 CAD

Aircraft Cable 7x19  

  • We offers galvanized and stainless steel (on demand) aircraft cable manufactured to the highest specifications.
  • Aircraft cable is wire rope that consists of individual steel wires laid in a spiral around a central wire to form a strand. The strands are then twisted together to form the cable.
  • Aircraft cable is specified by the number of strands in the rope, times the number of wires in each strand. 7 X 19 notation means that the rope has 7 strands and there are 19 wires in each strand.
  • The 7 X 19 construction is both flexible and fatigue resistant .
Size Min Braking Load (lbs) Safe Working Load (lbs) Weight (lb/ft)
1/4" 7000 1400 0.11
5/16" 9800 1960 0.173
3/8" 14400 2880 0.243





  1. Add the amount of feet necessary over the 100' standard if necessary. 
  2. Safe working load is 1/5 of MBL

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